YAPC::NA::2015 — SLC Call For Papers is Open.


The Call for Papers for YAPC::NA::2015 — Salt Lake is open.  The CFP deadline is January 15th, 2015, so you have a month to get your ideas onto paper and turned in for the selection process.

You can submit your talk proposal on the YAPC website’s talk submission page.

If you’re not sure you have a great idea, submit it anyway; let the community decide.  If this is your first time speaking at YAPC, or you would just like a little extra help polishing, get in touch with your local Perl Mongers Group; they would love to help.  Or visit irc.perl.org#yapc where there are also many friendly and helpful individuals who would be willing to offer tips, review slides, and so on.  YAPC is all about the Perl community, after all.

This year we’re looking for talks spanning a wide range of skill levels.  If you have a “basic” or “beginner” talk, don’t be shy about submitting the proposal; we want to reach out to newcomers to Perl.  But of course we wouldn’t want to turn our backs on the experts either.  The biggest loss is the great idea that never gets submitted.

So plan on it: CFP deadline is March 1st, 2015!  We want to hear from you.



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