Evening activities for Tuesday 2014-06-24

There are many activities this evening for YAPC participants (and friends) to attend.

The last event (Guest Keynote Charlie Stross) will be over at 6:00 PM. Everyone is on their own for Dinner if they choose, though there will be food served later tonight.

At 7:00 PM,  Game Night will be on Floor 2 where dinner was served last night. Fajitas, including a vegan option will be available.

At 10:00 PM, The Bad Movie Night BOF will meet at a location TBD. Those interested can gather by the elevators on floor 2. If you’re late, try #yapc or the mailing list to find out where the event is meeting.

We are also working on the internet issue  it’s mostly an AT&T problem and they are proving difficult to work with. #damnitstevan